During the design activity, we make construction drawings for low-and high voltage systems, transformer stations, and for systems of contact safety and lightning protection.


We have designer authority in the following areas:


V Designing   electrical services
Vn Installing   standards based lightning protection units
HI-V Designing   powerline communication buildings
HI-VN Designing   wireless communication buildings
G-B-19 Safety   technology (expert)
EN-HÖ Designing   heat energy buildings
EN-VI Desining   power energy buildings
EN- ME Designing   alternative energy systems in buildings
ME-V Technical   inspection of electrical power systems in buildings
MV-VI Responsible   technical leadership of building electricity lines
MV-ÉV Responsible   technical leadership of electrical works in buildings
MV-VI-R Responsible   technical leadership of the construction of power lines


We have several years of experience in control technology, namely in livestock technologies, mainly in designing pig feeding and ventilation systems. Also we have designed control systems for construction plants (concrete plants, tile factories).


We have designing qualification int he service area of E-ON and we participate in the permit procedures.